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With almost 20 years of experience and thousands of customers, Status Solutions is looking for franchisees to join them in their mission to help as many people as possible. At Status Solutions, we have always been primarily focused on the two groups of people that are the most at risk: young, school-aged kids and our senior population. Therefore, we have a lot of customers in the senior living industry and have a passion for helping schools.

Being a part of the Status Solutions Network family gives you the ability to operate your own business with virtually no overhead expenses. When buying a franchise, our franchisees enjoy the ability to be their own boss, while we handle everything on the back end. Most importantly, owning an SSN franchise provides you the opportunity to make a difference; not only to your family, but by supporting local businesses, schools and communities you serve. We strive to offer businesses unique advertising opportunities through our software platforms, CATIE, SARA and MIMI. We give our franchisees the opportunity to Digitize, Monetize, and Humanize.

Status Solutions

Status Solutions was founded by Mike MacLeod in 2001. In 1999, the tragic events of Columbine, Colorado devastated the world and sparked a lot of people into action to try to help keep schools safer. One of those people being Mike. In 2001, another tragedy hit the twin towers in New York City and Mike signed the papers to start Status Solutions in September of that year. For almost 20 years, Status Solutions has been dedicated to helping people, in particular the two groups of people that are the most at-risk, the very young (school-aged children) and the very old (those living in retirement communities). For years, Mike and his team of dedicated employees have helped keep thousands of communities safer by providing them Situational Awareness through his software platform SARA (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant). SARA is an alarm manager that allows communities to pull together all of their disparate systems into one uniform alerting platform.

In 2009, Mike had another idea. As more and more technology advancements were introduced, the digital divide between the silent generation and the generations before them became larger and larger, creating more social isolation for seniors and a lack of self service for our most at-risk population. Mike knew there had to be a way to bridge this digital divide. Thus, CATIE was born. CATIE (Communication and Access to Information Everywhere) is a communication platform that can be used in senior living communities and beyond for any/all self-service needs. It allows staff members, teachers, etc. to easily and efficiently communicate with their residents, students, etc. The platform includes an in-room portal, a website, and digital signage displays for a comprehensive communication strategy and platform.

The creation of Status Solutions Network came about to simply further our purpose, to help people.


To empower communities by creating a network between their local schools, businesses, organization and residents.


To create an ecosystem of mutual benefit for communities to reach their utmost potential.


To help people.

Meet The

Mike MacLeod

Executive Sponsor
Status Solutions Network

Mike MacLeod is President and Owner of Status Solutions, pioneering provider of Situational Awareness technology solutions. An inventor and entrepreneur, he has more than 30 years of experience in the conception, development and launch of new solutions, markets and distribution channels. Before founding Status Solutions in 2001, he spent 14 years at Comdial in various sales leadership roles, including director of national accounts, with his tenure culminating in serving as president of the enterprise solutions division. By meeting customer needs and attracting the right talent and strategic partners, he has established new solution sets, both vertical and horizontal, and successfully brought them to market ahead of the competition. Customer satisfaction is a core belief and the guiding principle for his business decisions. He holds bachelor’s degrees in biology and forestry from Marietta College in Southeast Ohio.

Amy Jeffs

Status Solutions Network

Amy Jeffs serves as Operations Manager and founding member of Status Solutions Network.  Her extensive background in operationalizing strategic programs makes her ideally equipped to onboard, train and support franchisees.

Amy is currently the Vice President of Status Solutions, LLC where she serves as the co-strategist to the President, while overseeing day-to-day operations of the business.  She is responsible for ensuring execution across all functional areas including marketing, solutions management, training, development, customer support and operations.

A creative executive with more than 20 years of combined business and marketing experience with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between.  She is a cum laude graduate of Auburn University with a BA in Mass Communication and Journalism.  An adrenaline junky who works well under pressure, who is driven, self-motivated, ambitious and competitive.  She jump started her career with the right internships and the continuous guidance and support of mentors, and has received her “MBA” on-the-job while working in her chosen field since graduating college.  Her experience spans marketing, corporate communication and general business operations in B2B markets, private and public entities, virtual and corporate environments, domestic and international companies, all managed with varying leadership styles.  Driven by purpose, her hope is to continue to use her unique business experiences to help others.

Stephanie Crow

Status Solutions Network

Stephanie Crow serves as Controller and founding member of Status Solutions Network.  Her complement of financial management expertise combined with strong business acumen make her an ideal fit for the role.

Stephanie is currently the Director of Finance for Status Solutions LLC where she manages financial strategy, oversees all financial functions and growth initiatives, and maintains the financial health of the organization.  Her ability to view the business with a wide lens, narrow it down to identify root cause, take action, and drive result has made her instrumental in building out finance business support capabilities, creating incentive programs and team goals, and analyzing results to provide actionable reporting to senior leaders.  Stephanie also leads all Human Resource activities.

Prior to joining Status Solutions, she studied and received degrees in business, economics, and public accounting at Muskingum College. She immediately went on to work as a Financial Accountant for Fortune 500 company and franchising giant, McDonald’s Corporation. During her 11 years with McDonald’s, she was able to develop and leverage her ability to create process efficiencies, to communicate complex financial information to a wide variety of stakeholders, and to lead, train, and influence her peers to achieve better results as a team.  Her time at McDonald’s also allowed the opportunity to work with many of the restaurant’s franchisees in various capacities. After more than a decade, she made the decision to part ways with the company in pursuit of a mission-based organization, which she found in Status Solutions, LLC and Status Innovations.

Cassie Lamprinakos

Status Solutions Network

Cassie Lamprinakos will serve as the Marketing Coordinator for Status Solutions Network based on her experience and knowledge gained while working with Status Solutions.

Cassie is currently the Director of Marketing Communications for Status Solutions LLC where she is responsible for development and implementation of all the Organization’s marketing strategies, marketing communications and public relations activities, both external and internal. Oversees development and implementation of support materials and services in the area of marketing, communications and public relations. Her ability to collaborate with senior leaders and the sales team, analyze current market trends and implement effective strategies for new and existing products, systems, programs and services has made her significant in driving customer engagement, gathering and reporting meaningful data for future decision making, identifying market opportunities and translating those results in actionable insights. Prior to joining Status Solutions, she studied and received a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, and a master’s degree in advertising and public relations at the University of Alabama. She has since been with Status Solutions since 2016.


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